Sonnet Lite 12 * High Frequency Electromagnetic Software

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Sonnet Lite 12 * High Frequency Electromagnetic Software

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- Fw: Sonnet Lite Version 12 is now available - New Release - Thursday, May 21, 2009 8:02 AM - To: Antennas RG - Cc: /F/L/O/S/S/ - Petros Zimourtopoulos


| From...: Sonnet Info
| To......: Petros Zimourtopoulos
| Sent....: Thursday, May 21, 2009 5:18 AM
| Subject: New Release - Sonnet Lite Version 12 is now available

Dear Petros,

I'm very happy to tell you that Sonnet Software maintains our
commitment to students and learners through free access to
top-notch high frequency electromagnetic (EM) software. On
behalf of my colleagues at Sonnet, I would like to welcome you
to the latest edition of our well-known Sonnet Lite software
for high frequency 3D planar electromagnetic analysis:

SONNETR Lite Release 12.

Release 12 represents our sixth full release of Sonnet Lite over
the past decade. We're proud to provide a leading-edge "virtual
prototyping" tool for the student and experimenter in high
frequency planar circuits, packages and antennas.

Sonnet Lite Release 12 is now available for free download at:

Significant new features are introduced in Sonnet Lite Release 12:

Variables for Material Properties and Thicknesses: You can now
assign project variables to control dielectric thickness,
dielectric loss properties, metal thickness and loss properties,
and Ideal Component (SMD L,R,C) values. These variables can also
be used for parameter sweep analysis and optimization
(optimization in Sonnet LitePlus only).

Equation-Based Variables: Geometry and property controls may now
be expressed as functions of variables, math functions, and other
geometry parameters.

Radial Dimension Parameters: A new geometry parameter type has
been added to control the radial dimensions of rounded features.
A useful control for fan stubs, circles, and the radius of curved
transmission line bends.

Enhanced Meshing Engine: Our default meshing engine has increased
efficiency, doing the same job with less subsections, less memory
and less time. Somewhat larger problems can now be solved.

Hot Key Mapping: Create your own key bindings for the things you
do most often, or make bindings that are similar to other CAD
tools that you use. Hot key bindings may be made for the Sonnet
Project Editor, Response Viewer and the Current Density Viewer.

Append Feature for the DXF Translator: For Sonnet LitePlus users
only. You can now import multiple independent DXF files into the
same Sonnet Project.

Don't' forget that Sonnet Lite Version 12 can be fully integrated
within the AWR Microwave Office or Agilent ADS environments.
We continue to provide our seamless integration capability for
these RF design flows, free of charge for Sonnet Lite and Sonnet
LitePlus. Check out videos with integration demonstrations:

Learn more about all the new features in Sonnet Lite at:

Sonnet LitePlus users please note: There is an upgrade charge of
$150 per version to change versions. Please contact your Sonnet
Technical Sales representative for more details.

--> Special Note to IEEE MTT-S / IMS 2009 Attendees: Visit Sonnet
Software's booth (#1002), take a 20-minute class in using Sonnet
Lite, and get a Sonnet LitePlus upgrade at NO COST. Classes are
offered in our booth, and no reservation is required. For details,
please visit:

Thank you for using Sonnet Lite in the past. We hope you'll continue
to enjoy our software as a tool for learning and experimenting
in the high frequency RF domain. And if you are ever in need of an
upgrade to your Sonnet Lite or LitePlus, please contact us.


Shawn Carpenter

VP Worldwide Marketing and Sales

Sonnet Software, Inc.

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